Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lake Mead!

About 2 weeks ago,we went back to Lake Mead wit the Lundquists and the Asplunds and my bff Summer came with us!!! We had so much fun (Camp Rock! :P ) just hanging out and tubing and other stuff. So yeah here are all the pictures!!!

Uhh, no comment.

1st nights dinner: Cafe Rio... mmmmmmm

Luke with a flower outside Cafe Rio... all of the little kids were picking flowers in the parking lot and giving them to Summer

Me and Summer while we were watching Camp Rock

Summer dancing to Play My Music from Camp Rock

Me and Summer eating Cheez-Its! mmmm...

Jack on the surfboard


Scott eating his "baby lobster" at our hotel's buffet

Cordin eating a mussel at the buffet

One of the little kids tried to do a magic trick with a spoon and this is what happened :]

This thing was at a sporting goods store in the mall we went to..... how in the world do you use this???

Ok so here's the story..... Apparently Summer got a little too much sun out on the lake so she got a bit puffy. But the swelling went down in a few hours, and she looked normal again. ily big gurl summer! <3>

I told you she looked normal again.

Tee-hee (in the Primm Outlets, he was standing next to a lady in a bathing suit from like the 70's or something)


summer :] said...

so much fun!
thanks so much!
i was so prty lol
omg u can ttly see my spine in that pic of us eating cheez its.
haha welll it was rly fun.

summer :]

Theresa said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun... great pictures. I like your modest 1-piece bathing suit. :) Who got the ticket? I'm assuming it was for speeding...