Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Wow life has been so crazy lately. Planning for Girls Camp and getting ready for Dance Festival just make regular life so much more complicated (but more so Dance Festival). It should be worth it in the end (or that's what all the adults keep telling us... we're not so sure anymore). So this is what I've been doing the past couple of weeks.

Visited great grandma and grandpa Lockhart in L.A.

I climbed a tree in their backyard... and kinda got stuck.

Me and Jack found these awesome "sunglasses" at the Lake Elsinore Outlets.

Ahh Lake Mead.....

This is all I need to be happy for a car ride; a Diet Coke, pretzels, candy, and my iPod (what you cant see in the picture is the Brady Bunch and the headphones for the little T.V. in the car).

Me and Hayley definitely had a better sense of style than anyone else that came with us.
(On Top: me and hayley in the car on the way to our first day on the lake!!! Wearing our glasses and our sweet Wal-Mart hats :] )

(Below: We got these swimcaps for $1 at Super Walmart [my new favorite store] with our tubes and goggels... ohh yeeeah)

i hung out with Summer this summer too :] . We went to Panda Express (yummy) and got these rings and those lockets from Wal-Mart. The rings turn our fingers green but oh well.

While I was sewing a princess blanket for Summer's birthday present, one of the pins got stuck in the sewing machine, which broke the needle.

Went swimming at Mylee's house. This was our "biggest splash contest" video. Starring: Mylee and Macie McKay, Madi Macejak, and Me!


summah (: said...

yay you got the pictures of our lovely jewelery on! haha
awww, i was excluded from the biggest splash contest?
haha i know it's my fault cuz i was late. *tear tear*
oh well, mylee was clearly the winner btw. ;D

summah :]

summah (: said...

hey, you need to make a new post like NOW!
haha yeah it was sooo much fun!
i didnt see the old commment so dont worry about it.

summer :]

TeSsA said...

oh okay yeah tottaly that was an insult. like you really scare me..
riley come on.

Mauri said...

hey who is that guy that keeps stalking everybody?

summah (: said...

haha ok whatever you say
but i rly wanna see them!
and make a new blog post while ur at it!
im getting sick of seeing your grandma every time i look at ur blog.
haha jk she seems nice....i guess.

summer :]

~annalise and friends said...

haha nice shades in that one pic!
ya we had lots of fun at camp. whent up to a place called camp metoche. kinda near big bear i think. im in arizona right now visting my mom, its pretty nice here. well i will ttyl!
bye email me! or txt me!