Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Girls Camp!!!!!!!!!

A few weeks ago, we went up to Camp Metoche in Big Bear for Stake Girls Camp. Our theme this year was "There's No Place Like Home," from the Wizard of Oz. It was soo much fun!!!! So anyways here are some pictures from camp!!!

Me and Mauri in our cabin, we had only been there for a few minutes, so we still looked nice :)

Me, Emily, Mauri, and Becca

Sister Rivera (she didn't know I was tkaing a picture :] )

jessica refuses to let people take pictures of her.... so i had to use my super secret spy moves to get this picture ( i was hiding under the bed next to her :P )

These were the Wipies that i used to clean off my feet after the 1st day. this is what you get when you wear flip flops at camp :)
Mylee woke up backwards

On our hike, I took my shoes off to cross the creek. I sat on the other side to put my shoes back on, not realizing how wet the ground was!! (Pictures By Mama Julie)

Mama Rachel, Hayley and me on our hike. (Picture by Mama Julie)

Me on the Hike (Picture by Mama Julie)

So on the hike, i gave my camera to Mama Julie to take some pictures for me, and this is what I got back!!!


hayley roxx said...

well i miss camp so much and cant wait to go again next year! gt's gt's!!!!

Julie said...

Thanks for the shout out! Thanks for riding home with me last night, too!! Glad you had fun at Dance Festival...let's see some pictures!!

Theresa said...

Great pictures... your feet wipes are disgusting. And good one of Jessica. You have good super spy skills.

~annalise and friends said...

oh ya we whent there tooo! haha we found one of your guys's camp schedual thingys hahaha...i stayed in cabin 26 i think i dont remember exactly hahaha.
you should get a facebook! omg its a lot easier to keep in contact that way! i love it haha. ok well i guess i will ttyl!
oh ya i forgot to tell you, im in arizona right now, and my mom introduced me to the people she works for's son, and hes super cute! ahhh hahaha and he likes me toooo!!!!!!!! yay! lol. we're goin to hang out next week sometime :D
haha can wait! ok ill talk to you soon :) bye

Mitchell said...

hey riley hows it going?